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pdf Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy Popular


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TPWF202 - Alcohol & Substance Misuse Policy V.2.pdf

This policy and procedure applies to all employees of Sussex Partnership NHS Trust.  It details the rules and procedures that will be applied in relation to the use and misuse of alcohol and other intoxicating substances.  The Trust recognises that addiction to an intoxicating substance should be dealt with in the same way as other causes of ill-health where employees can demonstrate that they are complying with a programme of treatment.

The aim of the policy is to ensure that the rules on the consumption of intoxicating substances are clear, that procedures for dealing with breaches of the rules are clear, and to encourage those with an addiction to an intoxicating substance to seek help.

pdf Annual Leave Policy Popular


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TPWF203 - Annual Leave Policy V2-.pdf

pdf Appendix 4 - Template - Invite to 1:1 Meeting/Management of Organisational Change Policy Popular


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App 4 - Template - Invite Letter to 1to1 Meeting.pdf

pdf Appendix 9 - Template - Notice of Dismissal of Redundancy Letter/Management of Organisational Change Policy Popular


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App 9 - Template - Notice of Dismissal of Redundancy Letter.pdf

pdf Appraisal Policy Popular


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TPWF249 - Appraisal Policy.pdf

This policy provides managers and staff with guidance on the how to effectively carry out and participate in the Appraisal process, to ultimately enable staff to be successful in their role and contribute to the delivery of a high quality, efficient, effective and safe service.


pdf Appraisal Policy on a Page Popular


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TPWF249 - Appraisal Policy on a Page.pdf

pdf Associate Specialists Discretionary Points Policy Popular


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TPWF204 - Associate Specialists Discretionary Points Policy V.4.pdf

Discretionary points are consolidated payments, in addition to the maximum of the associate specialists€™ salary scale which may be paid at the discretion of the Trust in the light of professional advice. The discretionary points€™ scale consists of six points of equal value. 

pdf Clinical Excellence Awards EHRIA


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TPWF206 - LCEA Policy EHRIA.pdf

pdf Clinical Excellence Awards Policy Popular


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TPWF206 - Local CEA Policy V2.2.pdf


This Policy establishes the Trust€™s commitment to managing the process of awarding Clinical Excellence Awards effectively and efficiently and in line with Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) guidance. The Policy covers:

  • the annual timetable, procedures and processes for the application and awarding of Clinical Excellence Awards; and
  • the Appeal arrangements.

pdf Dignity at Work Policy (Harassment & Bullying) for employees Popular


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TPWF207 - Dignity at Work Policy (Managing Bullying Harrassment Grievances) V.2.3.pdf

Key Issues:

This policy and procedure addresses issues of bullying and harassment and unacceptable behaviour in relation to employees. It outlines the procedure for dealing with these issues, concerns and complaints that flow from them.