pdf Service User & Carer Payment Policy (519 KB)

This policy has been developed in accordance with national guidance – Reward and Recognition: The principles and practice of service user payment and reimbursement in health and social care. (Department of Health - August 2006) and amended following consultation with service user and carer organisations.

This policy sets out a standardised approach to the payment of service user and carer ‘consultants’.  The policy provides details of rates of payment based on the type of activity the service user/carer consultant is engaged in.

The policy recognises that there may be variations in the employment status of individual service user/carer consultants, or of groups of service user/carer consultants in different areas and this is taken into account.

The policy also describes the processes by which payments will be made via the Partnership Trust payroll.

If you would like to see the Equality & Human Rights Impact Analysis (EHRIA), please click on the link.

pdf EHRIA - Service User & Carer Payment (674 KB)